Public Policy Documents

Public Policy Documents

2019 Proposed Legislation

The New Hampshire REALTORS Public Policy Committee has begun the annual process of weeding through the thousand-plus Legislative Service Requests (LSRs) expected to be filed for the 2019 legislative session, determining which of them could have impacts on the real estate industry and/or private property rights.

Below is an ever-evolving list of those pieces of proposed legislation:

SENATE BILL 306-FN: AN ACT establishing the housing appeals board. 

SENATE BILL 287-FN: AN ACT requiring the commissioner of the department of environmental services to revise rules relative to perfluorinated chemical contamination in drinking water.

SENATE BILL 285-FN: AN ACT establishing a coastal resilience and economic development program

SENATE BILL 269-FN-A: AN ACT making an appropriation to the department of natural and cultural resources to perform an ecological integrity assessment.

SENATE BILL 244-FN: AN ACT relative to taxes applicable to certain real estate investment trusts.

SENATE BILL 243-FN: AN ACT relative to the low and moderate income homeowners property tax relief program.

SENATE BILL 203: AN ACT making modifications to legal requirements for wetlands and environmental council administrative appeals.

SENATE BILL 202-FN-A: AN ACT establishing a stormwater management and flood resilience fund within the department of environmental services.

SENATE BILL 190-FN: AN ACT relative to apportionment of sales under the business profits tax.

SENATE BILL 165: AN ACT relative to net energy metering by low-moderate income community solar projects.

SENATE BILL 154: AN ACT allowing municipalities to adopt a credit against property taxes for certain workforce housing.

SENATE BILL 152: AN ACT relative to third party inspections conducted pursuant to a planning board approval.

SENATE BILL 113: AN ACT relative to municipal authority regarding the state building code.

HOUSE BILL 740: AN ACT exempting certain mortgages from the law regarding licensing of nondepository mortgage bankers, brokers, and servicers.

SENATE BILL 227-FN: AN ACT relative to multiple-employer welfare arrangements.

SENATE BILL 228-FN: AN ACT relative to multiple-employer welfare arrangements.

SENATE BILL 15-FN-A: AN ACT making an appropriation to the affordable housing fund. 



Following each session at the State House, the NHAR Government Affairs team releases a compilation of new laws and regulations which could have an affect on your real estate business. Each is available for free, and can be found below. If you have any questions related to the publication, please contact NHAR Government Affairs Director Bob Quinn, by email or by calling 603-225-5549.

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Dan O'Halloran (at right), 2019 President, New Hampshire REALTORS